Author Karin Cox’s Amazon number one bestselling dark fantasy series Dark Guardians is a must read for any fan of fantasy and gothic romance. Filled with passion, revenge, action, and love all mixed together, form a story that is unlike any other. Also be sure to check out the beautifully written, What the Sea Wants. A tale of befores and afters, of how we look to the future, believing we might predict it, even if we really can’t. Enjoy!

Cruxim: You Are Never Alone (Dark Guardians Fantasy Series Book 1)
Karin Cox
4.0 Stars (201 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Horror

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Amedeo is Cruxim, an enigmatic, immortal fallen angel who knows little about his dark past apart from a curious prophecy and an unremitting lust for blood. Destined to seek redemption as a vampire hunter, he nourishes his insatiable blood lust on the undead. But when the object of his passion, the novice nun Joslyn, is turned into a vampire and enters a coven, Amedeo’s worlds collide. Shattered by the loss of his beloved, the dark hunter vows to wage an epic battle to rid the world of nosferatu once and for all, even if it destroys his vampire romance with Josyln, and even Joslyn herself.


Joining dark angel Amedeo on his mission to decimate the undead is Sabine. As passionate, headstrong, romantic and immortal as she is, she is also half-woman, half-lioness. As a Sphinx — a winged guardian once believed to be a myth — she has protected mortals from vampires since sin saw mortals evicted from the Garden of Eden. Yet Sabine comes to the battle pursued by her own enemies. Archaeologist Dr. Claus Gandler has learned the secret of Sabine’s past and has vowed to torment her for eternity or find a way to destroy this dark huntress forever.


Captured and tortured by the evil doctor, Amedeo and Sabine are paraded as sideshow freaks in Gandler’s Circus of Curiosities, a travelling freak show. Only vampire Joslyn has the power to intercede. Will she prove this dark angel’s redemption, or his destruction? Set in 18th Century Europe, this epic saga of forbidden love plays out amid a mighty battle of good against evil, fallen angel against nosferatu devil, and reason against madness in an adventure fantasy series a critic from Literary R&R described as “like the next Anne Rice series. There’s a love story alongside some pretty gruesome and evil stuff ” and others have called “compelling… dark, visceral and not for the squeamish.” Readers 18+

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Creche: Know Thyself (Dark Guardians Fantasy Series Book 2)
Karin Cox
4.9 Stars (19 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Mythology & Folk Tales | Religion & Spirituality

Still grieving the loss of Joslyn and the Sphinx Sabine, and craving revenge upon Beltran, his vampire nemesis, Amedeo the Cruxim is destined to learn more about his past than even he thought possible in the riveting sequel to Karin Cox’s critically acclaimed, gothic paranormal romance Cruxim. When he meets a female of his own kind, Skylar, who takes him to the hidden stronghold of Silvenhall Creche to learn Cruxim lore, the secrets revealed in the holy book of the Cruximus, and the lies told to him by his own kind, force Ame to question who he really is, where his loyalties lie, and whether there is anything he desires more than vengeance — even love.  Readers 18+

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Creed: All Things Know Where They Belong (Dark Guardians Fantasy Series Book 3)
Karin Cox
4.7 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales | Romance | Fantasy

DARKNESS HAS OVERRUN THE EARTH… Vampires and their plague-poxed brethren threaten to drown Europe in a blood-borne wave. At their helm, is Beltran, a vampire whose malicious nature is as black as his many secrets and sins. Standing between such evil and the destruction of all Cruximkind is Amedeo Aeternus — the immortal half-Cruxim hybrid and dark hunter of the prophecy, the fallen angel Cruor driven on by an unremitting desire for revenge on vampires worldwide. Along with the Sphinx Sabine and Cruxim Skylar — whose love for him is as fierce as their huntress natures — and a handful of Cruxim, mortals, gargoyles and other mythological creatures, Amedeo the dark angel must make a final stand, leading an epic battle that will end the horrors of his past and create a future for all of Cruximkind. But secrets still haunt him, too. With a battle so bloody on his hands, will the weight of Amedeo’s fears for Skylar crush their romance beneath the very Crux their people have suffered for millennia? Or will Amedeo’s strength raise his people up to the worship of a new creed, one of liberty, love, and redemption? An epic paranormal romance set amid a great war between vampires and angels in 18th Century Europe, the culmination of this critically acclaimed fantasy series is sure to leave dark angel lovers and vampire romance readers breathless. Readers 18+

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What the Sea Wants
Karin Cox
4.8 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Teen & Young Adult | Coming of Age

Juliette Brewer can’t face the truth. Ash Gordon can’t bear another lie. A passion for surfing brings them together, but will the sea, with all its sorrows, tear them apart? “There’s something about me you need to know — something I’m not sure I can tell you.” Juliette Brewer has always been different. From the age of four, she’s endured frequent premonitions of tragedy, but the one thing she never saw coming was the thing that would send her under. When she catches the ocean-coloured eyes of surf-lifesaving heartthrob Ash Gordon, Juliette’s life changes for the better… until a tragic accident destroys their dreams. Everyone else has given up, moved on, and put Ash’s loss behind them, but Juliette can’t — and perhaps she shouldn’t. Not all who are missing are lost, but if she refuses to accept reality, will the sea claim her sanity as well as her lover’s life?

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