Today we have two incredible novels by author Deborah Hawkins, starting with Dance For A Dead Princess – The story of two great loves that founded a family that has endured for five hundred years. Finalist, Foreword Reviews Book of the Year, 2013, Finalist, Beverly Hills Book Awards, 2014, Honorable Mention, Paris Book Awards, 2014. As well as, Ride Your Heart ‘Til It Breaks – A complex love story about loss, infidelity, forgiveness, and self-discovery. Winner, Beverly Hills Book Award for Women’s Fiction 2015

Dance For A Dead Princess
Deborah Hawkins
4.3 Stars (50 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Literary Fiction | Romance

The people Nicholas Carey has loved are all ghosts: his mother, the world-famous concert pianist; his wife, Deborah, the most beautiful woman in England;and Diana, Princess of Wales, his most trusted friend and confident.How many nights has he spent talking to Diana about his marriage, about her marriage, about his guilt over Deborah,and about the impossibility of being in love?Too many to count.He aches to tell Diana how empty his life has become without her and without Deborah, but he can do nothing to bring them back.Yet he can expose Diana’s killer.Taylor Collins, a Wall Street lawyer, has the tape Diana made naming her assassin, and he is determined to get it.

Taylor does not want to spend Christmas at Burnham Abbey overseeing the sale of the Carey’s ancestral home to her client, an American school for girls.Nicholas Carey, the Eighteenth Duke of Burnham, holder of a five-hundred-year-old title, is a spoiled selfish international financier;and Taylor would far rather be in New York, pursuing her high-powered legal career and hoping her fiancé, who left her at the alter months earlier, will return.

But night after night, Taylor hears Nicholas at the piano playing the haunting pavane for all the lost princesses in his life because his broken heart will not let him sleep.By day, she reads the tragic love story of Thomas, the First Duke, knight and liegeman to Henry VIII, who founded the Carey family but who never recovered from the loss of his beloved wife.Just as Taylor realizes Thomas’s unmeasurable capacity to love is hidden beneath Nicholas’s shallow public facade, Lucy, Nicholas’s mysterious ward, turns up dead.Taylor’s heart is stretched to its limits as she searches for the truth about Nicholas and comes face to face with Diana’s assassins.

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Ride Your Heart ‘TilIt Breaks
Deborah Hawkins
4.5 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Literary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

Sometimes life brings you to a split second when you suddenly understand everything is about to change forever.

But now Stan knew he didn’t want to be the shallow bad boy Marilyn had described. He wanted to be the man Carrie Moon had loved.

Loving him was all that had kept her alive. The emptiness of her marriage had made the ache of lost love burrow deeper into her heart and soul.

Carrie stood transfixed between worlds: life, but emotional death if she left alone as he wanted, or death in all forms if she stayed, and the fires reached them.

On a cool October evening in 1994, attorney Karen Moon enters an enchanting little jazz club, in San Diego and unexpectedly falls hopelessly in love with the star attraction, trumpeter Stan Benedict. Although Stan is a world class flirt, who has every woman in the audience longing to go home with him, Karen hears a deeper truth in his music. Behind the performer’s confident, shallow mask is a vulnerable, lonely man longing to be loved.

Karen risks her chance of partnership at Warrick, Thompson by secretly crossing ethical boundaries to save the club from destruction by her client, Waterfront Development. She and Stan begin a tumultuous affair that culminates in an unplanned pregnancy and a hasty marriage. But their relationship is increasingly threatened by the demands of Karen’s job as a highly paid securities lawyer and by the rising crescendo of Stan’s frequent infidelities. Through mounting heartbreak, Karen struggles to hold on to Stan until they are swept apart by a tide of personal and professional loss.

Thirteen years later, longing for forgiveness, Stan reappears in Karen’s life. Now a superior court judge and married to Warrick, Thompson partner Howard Morgan, Karen is faced with Howard’s threats to destroy her if she leaves their marriage.

Ride Your Heart ‘Til It Breaks is an unforgettable, intricately woven tale of passion, loss, self-discovery, and redemption.

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