As you all know, we in are in Tahoe with friends and family, in February….that’s winter right? I was pretty sure it was winter. So how is it that I am walking with the kids riding their bikes while wearing a t-shirt and even sweating a little? I’m going to say it. I know it will instantly make me old, but I will say it anyway. Back in my day we had snow in Tahoe in winter. By golly! Well… I can tell you this…we are going to find snow if we have to blast the theme song from the movie Frozen and call on the power of Elsa.

Division: A Collection of Science Fiction Fairytales
Lee S. Hawke
4.9 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Science Fiction | Short Stories

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From LEE S. HAWKE, author of The Changeling and the Sun (published by Ideomancer Speculative Fiction Magazine) comes DIVISION: A COLLECTION OF SCIENCE FICTION FAIRYTALES.

Featuring 7 original, fairytale-inspired science fiction short stories, this collection explores the division between mind, body, technology, and humanity in Hawke’s trademark haunting style.


A chronically ill civilian discovers that his immune system may be the key to human survival

A schoolgirl tries to escape her demons through levels of virtual reality

A data analyst falls in love with a software coder during a forced government assignment

A young boy is confronted with a horrifying truth about his constructed world

A jaded medical technician rediscovers the meaning of beauty

A girl scrambles to escape a horrifying alien invasion in a futuristic dystopia, and

A spaceship engineer struggles with the death of her only daughter.

Metaphysical and visionary, this collection of fantastic fiction combines humor, wonder, horror and humanity to create an enduring anthology of fairy tales for adults.

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All Right Here (The Darlings Book 1)
Carre Armstrong Gardner
4.4 Stars (71 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Religion & Spirituality

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Ivy Darling can’t have children of her own, and her husband Nick’s resentment is forcing them apart. And while Ivy has the support and love of her large, close-knit family, Nick’s family has never welcomed her into the fold.

When the three children next door are abandoned by their mother, Ivy and Nick take them in for the night. One night becomes several, and suddenly Ivy and Nick find themselves foster parents to the only African-American kids in the town of Copper Cove, Maine. As Ivy grows more attached to the children, Nick refuses to accept their eclectic household as a permanent family. Just as Ivy begins to question whether or not she wants to save her emotionally barren marriage, Nick begins to discover how much Ivy and the children mean to him. But is his change of heart too little, too late?

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Stolen Little Thing (Little Thing Series Book 1)
Sasha Gold
4.8 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Texas, Spring of 1888.

Esme Duval wants nothing more than to return to Honey Creek, Texas, to the ranch she’s inherited. Her father and brothers think she doesn’t deserve it. Her neighbor, Luke Crosby, thinks she has no business running four hundred acres of prime ranch land and he’ll do anything to prove it to her. Not so many years ago, Luke was her ally, her hero and her secret love, now he threatens everything she holds dear. When Esme comes back to claim her property, will Luke once again come to her defense, or will he seize the opportunity to blackmail her into his arms?

From Chapter Two

“Drink this. It’ll help you sleep tonight,” he murmured. “You’re probably not used to sleeping in a tent.”

She was a skittish, wild filly, keeping her distance and avoiding his gaze. For some reason she was fearful. Why, he couldn’t fathom, but one thing he knew for certain was that he was just the man for Esme Duval. There was a reason she’d returned. They belonged together. He’d keep his seduction slow, unravel the knots that bound her just a little at a time, easing up close enough to gentle her.

Nolan watched her sip the drink and laughed when she made a face. He drained his in one draught. “Better give her two. The chupacabra hates whiskey. Bet you want to know how I know that, huh, Miss Esme?”

“I’d rather hear it in the morning.” Esme took another sip of her drink and shuddered. “My brothers would be laughing if they could see me. I never wanted to go camping with them, and look at me now.”

Luke dropped to sit on a blanket. He lay on his side, propped up on one elbow, and sipped his whiskey. “Is your family coming soon?”

Esme stared into the flames. “No. They think I’m waiting until the school year is over to claim Simon’s place. They plan to come bully me out of the land.”

Luke stilled. “They don’t know you’re here?”

“Not exactly.”

“Ooo, shit,” said Nolan.

The two boys were playing cards on a nearby blanket and snickered when they heard Nolan’s profanity.

Luke stared at her. “Do they know I offered to buy the ranch from you?”

“I don’t recall,” Esme said.

“Your memory’s a little sketchy?” Nolan asked.

Luke drained his glass, got up and returned with the bottle of whiskey. He tipped more into Esme’s glass before refreshing his own. Esme took a larger swallow and found this time it didn’t burn quite as much. She didn’t drink spirits, just a little wine every so often. It wasn’t something her father approved of, even though he didn’t apply the rule to himself.

She began to feel the liquor’s effects as the moon peeped over the horizon. She watched it rapidly climb into the sky, a full moon casting a warm glow on the ridges, hills and meadows. The trees, giant oaks with limbs hanging almost to the ground, were washed in silver light. The boys, David and Joseph, played quietly at a game of cards. Nolan gazed thoughtfully into the campfire. When she turned to look at Luke, she found him studying her.

“Why did you come back after all these years?” he asked quietly. “I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.”

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Jon Evans
4.3 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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James Kowalski is having a bad week. His genius girlfriend Sophie is hiding something important from him. His best friend Jesse might be involved with drug cartels. And when a research trip goes violently wrong, James finds himself stranded deep in the Colombian jungle, on the run from brutal thugs.

But things don’t get truly desperate until he stumbles upon what’s really going on. Because that just might be the end of the world as we know it…

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Self Defense: Proven Strategies and Tips For Protecting Yourself With Martial Arts
Ken Matthews
4.7 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Sports & Outdoors | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Do You Know How To Defend Yourself?

Do you know how to protect yourself properly? Would you feel a little more safer if you knew some practical martial arts tactics to help you stay safe in real life situations? Inside this book you will be equipped with simple techniques that will help you protect yourself in real life scenarios. Sometimes having this knowledge and applying it is the difference between life and death.

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