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Convince Me To Live (The Grainger Files Book 1)
Niles Manning
4.8 Stars (54 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Would you take your own life to save the life of someone you loved?

Janelle, a freshman in college, is coping with life after the tragic death of her father in an automobile accident, under mysterious circumstances. Her grades are slipping, but she’s offered an extra credit assignment to help get back on track. The assignment is to work as a volunteer for a suicide hotline. When she receives a call from a deranged man who knows everything about her, her family secrets are brought to light. She soon finds out that her father didn’t just die in a car wreck, but was murdered and now the killer is after her and her loved ones.

With nowhere else to turn, Janelle reaches out to a detective, whom she met through one of her professors. Her story seems farfetched, but her fear genuine. Reluctantly, Detective Grainger finds himself in the middle of the case. He must first help prove her theory, and then catch the killer before he makes good on his threat. The task proves easier said than done when one mystery seems to lead to another and the bodies begin to pile up.

The killer’s demands are simple, Janelle will either kill herself to balance the scales for the loved one he’s lost, or he will continue to murder those closest to her until there is no one left.

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The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 4: Out of the Ashes
Abigail Hilton
4.8 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

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A forbidden book. A pirate prince. An idea whose time has come.


Gerard and Silveo have made peace with their pasts… or so they think. They’ve joined the pirates they once hunted and are prepared to leave Wefrivain in quest for a new life. However, an unexpected cry for help brings them unwillingly back into home waters.

The fauns of Maijha Minor are in trouble, and helping them seems like the right thing to do. To succeed, they must circulate Gwain’s forbidden book, which tells the truth about the wyvern gods. Gwain himself has already given up the task as hopeless, but Silveo has other ideas. Together, they will get into more trouble than anyone thought possible.

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30 Dates: My yearlong journey in the dating world
Tony Thomas
4.9 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Humor & Entertainment

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What happens when you’re 32, newly single, and looking for love?You delve into the underbelly of the online dating world.

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Into the Ruins: Adventures in Abandoned Japan
Michael John Grist
4.4 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Arts & Photography | Travel

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Abandoned theme parks, forgotten mountain ghost towns, derelict military bunkers, rusting industrial yards, and dilapidated love hotels.

Between 2007 and 2012 writer and photographer Michael John Grist explored and documented over 100 of the strangest, most beautiful modern ruins across the length of Japan. His adventures kick-started a craze which led to millions of hits on his website, feature articles in books, magazines, and newspapers, and a documentary movie.

Into the Ruins tells the best of all those adventures- packed with gorgeous photographs, thrills, and fascinating detail, exposing a bizarre and forgotten shadow world most people will never see for themselves. Readers have called it “stunning, amazing, and utterly unique.”

Along with Michael:

-Be hunted at night in the ruins of an abandoned jungle theme park.

-Search for treasure in a mysterious corporate cult’s underground bunker.

– Explore the fog-wreathed remnants of a desolate mountain ghost town.


-Over 300 stunning photographs.

-Map coordinates to every location in the book.

-Links to extensive additional material.

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The Man (A Grady Lind Western)
Gerald Hartenhoff
4.3 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Classics | Short Stories | Romance

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Grady Lind is big, strong and good looking. Woman can’t keep their eyes off of him. Men are intimated by him. He’s fast with a gun and good with his fists.

When people are terribly wronged, and the law can’t or won’t help them out, they turn to Grady Lind.

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Night Slashers: An Agnes McCall Mystery
Rashad Freeman
3.6 Stars (104 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Daniel Montague has a secret.

A secret so dark, so disturbing that he’s pushed it to the back of his psyche and moved on. Unfortunately for him, it’s itching to find the light.

Down in New Orleans, Daniel finds solace in the winding waters of the Mississippi River. He’s found a place that he can put his past behind him, a place that he can call home.

He thinks he’s finally found peace, but when his past comes knocking on his front door and the town erupts in a wave of brutal murders, he is forced to face a harsh reality. You can forget the past, but that doesn’t mean it will forget you.

“Night Slashers” a gripping thriller riddled with twists, turns and the ultimate betrayal.

Excerpt: “The sound of water sloshing around echoed like a distant whisper. The wind whistled a muted lullaby as it blew through the trees. A soft gurgle grew louder and louder in Daniel’s ears until he realized he wasn’t dreaming.

A slow, suffocating feeling burned his lungs, robbing him of air. Each breath he took was raspy and shallow like he was sucking through a broken straw.

As he lazily opened his eyes, he spit out mud and wiped his face. His soaked t-shirt clung to his back, the other side was glued to him with mud. He was face down in a puddle of rainwater and his own vomit. Shivering, he rolled onto his side and curled into a ball.

His head ached like it’d been slammed in between the trunk of a car. The constant pounding kept him from moving any further. His bones felt frozen and he was certain he was suffering from hypothermia.

The cold wind breathed the smell of death over his face, sticking to his waterlogged skin. It reeked of spoiled milk and rotten fish. Daniel gagged as he sucked in the foul air.

The sun hadn’t fully risen and the bizarre glow of the twilight played with his mind. It cast awkward shadows against the ground like narrow fingers reaching out for him.

Daniel brought his hands to his face and covered his eyes as he moaned. Squinting, he tried to clear his head and make out where he was.

He slowly pushed himself up onto all fours and looked around. The black river crept past him, the murky water swirling like a bowl of soup. Steam rose from the muddy riverbank into the frosty air like an apparition.

A few feet to the side of Daniel, Tom lay motionless. His face was partially covered in mud and his arms and legs were positioned like he’d been thrown. He was still dressed in what he wore that night, but his clothes were torn and ragged.”

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