There is chocolate cake in my refrigerator, cookie dough in the freezer, and candy in the candy jars. After this weekend I swore up and down that I would never eat junk-food again. I was hoping this would last at least two full days. The answer is no. It will last less than 24 hours. Time for stretchy pants.

The Overending (Wood Cow Chronicles Book 2)
Rick Johnson
4.9 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Fantasy

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For untold ages, the Granite Hulks at Tilk Duraow have been the impregnable center of the High One’s slaving system. Overpowering. Impenetrable. Final. The point from which there is no return. But now, fifteen-year-old Helga’s revolution–one she hardly expected to begin–is way bigger than she ever dreamed. Tilk Duraow itself is in danger. Unexpectedly finding common cause with a troupe of oddball characters, Helga and old comrades are reunited in a chain of events that portends the Overending. Now even the High One himself is no longer safe. The Overending opens a crack…

Rick Johnson’s slightly skewed reality brings readers another mind-bending, genre-busting adventure. Fantastic and quirky, exhilarating and addicting, this entertaining adventure takes readers on a wild ride that they will never want to end. Ridiculous, but deadly serious. Hits you hard in the funnies, while turning your mind inside out.

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Her Father’s Last Request
C. P.Stringham
4.5 Stars (51 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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She walked away from her family’s world until…Her Father’s Last Request.

Forty year-old Charlotte Hawthorne wasn’t your typical silver spoon heiress.While growing up the daughter of a prominent Connecticut family, she decided the trappings of the rich and famous lifestyle weren’t for her.Charlotte’s independent nature and liberal views were all too often an area of contention with her parents, Harrison and Regina Hawthorne.Family gatherings brought on raised tempers and ended in heated arguments.Attempts to remind their defiant daughter of her family obligations only proved to push Charlotte further away from them.

Unlike her publicity-loving family, who were always ready for the perfect photo op or interview to promote their latest corporate victories or charitable good deeds, the introverted Charlotte avoided the public eye at all costs.She was happy with her simple life, working for a non-profit organization, and making a comfortable home for herself in her Upper Eastside Manhattan apartment. She’d even found a way to work around her marital status to start a family. And then, one morning, everything changed.

While dealing with her own personal heartache, Charlotte suddenly finds herself immersed in the middle of an unprecedented scandal that leaves the entire Hawthorne family reeling and scrambling for containment.As the self-imposed outsider, Charlotte is entirely blind-sided as family secrets are revealed by the media to the all too eager public. The most shocking element comes about through her father’s last request.

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Wicked Temper
Randy Thornhorn
4.4 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Teen & Young Adult

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To Kill A Mockingbird collides with Deliverance!

In the long and jagged shadow of Riddle Top lies a darkling mountain world—a world of unholy mirth and madness, of gods and demons you never knew existed.

Hitch a wild-ass ride with two runaway teens—the runty but tough preacher’s girl Tizzy Polk and her punk boyfriend Matthew. They might think they are Bonnie and Clyde, but they might also race headlong into an evil far greater than their own. They may come to see things darkly different and seldom seen on that bewitched mountain known below as Riddle Top.

Take care, folks say in story and song. Watch your step. And beware up there where the wind doth howl like the hellhound electric. Up there, where Tizzy and Matthew come knocking on a strange door. For nobody knows what awaits once you’ve disturbed your disturbing host. Your hands are in his hands now.

And the scariest thing of all? He’s got all the time in this world.

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Bone-mend and Salt (Accidental Heretics Book 1)
E. A. Stewart
4.7 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Historical Fiction

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Fight or beg for mercy when enemies turn an unjust war against you?

BONE-MEND AND SALT, Book 1 in the Accidental Heretics series, launches an adventure of conspiracy and revenge amidst the crusade against the Cathar heresy in southern Europe in 1210.

A famous crusader, home in the Pyrenees after the loss of Jerusalem, teaches paratage—the honor that pumps life’s blood in the world of the troubadours—but finds treachery and murder instead.

A Moorish mercenary—mutilated and left to die, harangued by his father’s ghost—seeks justice with a sharp dose of revenge.

A French knight banned as a Cain seeks respite, with a sword to battle his betrayers.

A Catalan widow holds her own fate—until a gold-sniffing priest accuses her of heresy.

Can these children of ruined crusaders unite to fight their own disasters while trapped in a “crusade” run amok?

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Tag Powell
5.0 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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Strange and Scary Creatures Knocking At Your Front Door?

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