Put Me Back Together, by author Lola Rooney, is the heartbreaking tale of  how a lie can define the rest of your life and the ways in which we deal with our demons. A beautiful story of overcoming a past event.

Put Me Back Together
Lola Rooney
4.4 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance

You’ d Better Watch Yourself, Katie Kat

Katie Archer knows how to lie. After six years, no one really knows what happened That Night. Not even her twin sister. Choosing a college 3,000 miles away from the truth, Katie throws herself into art classes and a love affair with ice cream. Katie’ s biggest rule? No boys. Ever.

But there is the little problem of Lucas Matthews. Former basketball star and total campus hottie, Lucas is the stuff girls have naughty dreams about— and he has the reputation to prove it! But that doesn’ t stop liquid heat from running through Katie’ s veins every time she sees him…

You’ ll Never Get Away With It

Letting Lucas in is the hardest thing Katie’ s ever had to do. And telling him the truth? Impossible. Then Katie starts to get threatening texts and she realizes Lucas is the least of her problems. Her past has caught up with her and it wants to settle the score.

I’ m Coming For You

Now Katie must decide whether she wants to fight for her life, or leave everything— including Lucas— behind her forever…

This New Adult Romance novel is intended for readers 17+.

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