What if something so powerful existed, thousands had died to protect it? What if you found out? What if they knew you did? Across time and dimension they are after him . . .What now? “Outview (The Inner Movement) by Brandt Legg, is a fantasy thriller that will appeal to more than young adult fans. Outview, the first book of the Inner Movement trilogy, combines mystics, metaphysical magic, psychics and reincarnation to push this new age conspiracy beyond the realm of the Celestine Prophecy and the Alchemist.

Outview (The Inner Movement)
Brandt Legg
4.8 Stars (176 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Teen & Young Adult

For four years, sixteen-year-old Nate has blamed himself for his father’s death. For two years, Nate’s brother has been locked in a mental institution.

For one year, Nate has been tortured by horrific visions.

Then things get bad . . .

What next? While fighting to stay alive, Nate discovers that everything he believed about his life is a lie. The world contains secrets far more beautiful than you could imagine, and evil far more terrifying than you ever could have feared.

What if . . . Before the Outviews steal his sanity, and nefarious agents stop him, Nate embarks on a breathless search for the one person who may have the answer. Saving his brother and unraveling the mystery of their father’s death may be the only way to save himself. As everything closes in, his desperate flight takes a stunning turn when, along with three school friends, he encounters mystics who show Nate lost powers, teach forgotten wisdom and reveal an extraordinary destiny.

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