Author Katie Leone writes mainstream stories about transsexual and transgendered characters who face various issues common to people who identify themselves outside traditional gender norms. There are common themes of acceptance through her works, whether it be acceptance of self or from society around them. Katie Leone’s work is suitable for young adults and would appeal to parents, family, and friends who are trying to understand why a person is transsexual and what exactly does it mean to be transsexual. Her stories are trenched deeply in reality and she tends to avoid the more contrived stories. Her stories are about self discovery, whether it be for the transsexual character (Like in Just Friends or A Different Kind of Life) or a person who has close contact with a transsexual character (Like in God Bless the Child and Wrestling Against Myself). There are strong underlying Christian principles at play in most of her works and a general belief that a relationship with God is important that comes across in the writing.

Wrestling Against Myself
Katie Leone
4.2 Stars (27 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Teen & Young Adult | Transgender

The most popular athlete in high school. The freshman freak.

They shouldn’t be friends, but when Antonio LeMano takes Courtney under his wings the whole school is in the uproar. What secret is tearing the school apart and can Antonio keep everything together.

Antonio (Tony) LaMano was entering his senior year of high school. After finishing state runner up in wrestling the year prior he spent the summer sculpting his body into an unstoppable force.

This was his year to do great things and nothing was going to get in his way.

That is until he met a small freshman girl that the other students hated with a passion. Antonio takes it upon himself to be the girl’s protector before knowing the secrets she kept. When that secret gets out, everyone responds and Tony finds himself in the middle of a situation beyond his control.

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