You can never have enough mystery in your life. Or enough British detectives, especially prickly ones like Ian Dodge who lives in rural “good ol’ boy” North Carolina but stubbornly hangs on to every shred of his Britishness. Enjoy!

Sportsman’s Bet (Ian Dodge Mysteries)
by Judy Nichols
4.3 Out of 5 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Velma Saunders, the town clerk of Tobias, North Carolina never had a kind word to say to anyone. In fact, most people were afraid of her, including her boss, Mayor Mike Ellis.

Still, the whole town is shocked when Velma’s body is found in the Municipal Building’s old bomb shelter. The only clue to her murderer is a copy of a cryptic message from a Nigerian Email scammer.

All the evidence points to Mayor Mike, who’s charged with killing Velma. Investigator Ian Dodge, a British transplant who’s never quite taken root in the Deep South,sets out to find out who else hated Velma enough to kill her.

In the course of his investigation, Ian discovers the dark secrets Velma has been hiding all these years, and exactly why she was so mean.

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